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16 June 2008 @ 04:06 pm
Even though I know none of you will probably go to this site I made. (Since I don't have many friends) I'm posting this anyways because it's a public post and getting out to the public.


It's a blog I created about MLB's many different graphics. I will be posting all the logos to every team, and I will have polls pertaining to them. For example; Which Primary Logo is better? or Which team has the Best Outfits? And many others like that. I will also post any information on the graphical side of the MLB as it comes out.

This is for fun. Nothing more, nothing less. If you're interested go ahead and visit. I'll be slowly updating as time goes by. So far the American league teams are up on the site for a little info on them, and a look at their primary logos. National league will be up next.
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21 January 2007 @ 02:18 am
Sonic SatAM is finally being released to DVD in it's entirety!!!

A DVD of five first-season episodes was available from DiC and Lions Gate Home Entertainment under the title Sonic the Hedgehog: Super Sonic, which was released on Feb. 26, 2002. However, this was pulled when Buena Vista claimed to have distribution rights to the series.

It was thought that the Super Sonic DVD would be the show's lone DVD release. However, on September 18, 2006, it was announced that a Boxset entitled Sonic The Hedgehog: The Complete Series would be released by Shout! Factory in partnership with DiC on March 27, 2007.

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27 December 2006 @ 03:19 am
Ok so this is sorta to everybody that knows I've been hearing voices lately.

I went up to the kitchen to grab my food out of my microwave and turned to see what my mom and grandma were watching. I then heard a women who sounded like my sister Hillary say, "I don't know what I'm doing! Leave me alone!"

It wasn't them or the TV and Hillary was out with her friends and didn't come home for another 2 hours. They're the only women in this house...

I asked mom and grandma if they heard it and they said no. Now for the past couple times when I hear a voice in my house, my grandma thought she heard it too and has stated that she's heard voices most of her life. But now she didn't hear it and it was really loud and coming from the hallway where all of their rooms are. I've seen and heard a lot of things down there but never something so loud or even a woman for that matter!

I'm either insane or I'm getting really in tune with the other side. *Is kinda freaked out and going to bed*
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26 May 2004 @ 05:03 am
Well today is now the day I finished work. I didn't go tonight and it feels good, but strange you know? For the longest time I was going there every night and it became like customary.

Now I think we start this monday, unless the foreman says otherwise. I find it strange he told JD stuff and not the actual employees, meaning me and Dev. I hope I start though cause I need the money.

Random stupidity time.

No smoking around jasonusher5. Thankyou for your co-operation.


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24 May 2004 @ 07:44 am
This shit is great. I only went through a little bit of it though.

Haiku by jasonusher5
spooge was fired by
clearchannel after they were
hit with a 750,000 fine
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
his body too eck
26 face of foley cactus
jack bang bang 26 heel
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
the computer and
i felt entirely drained
of physical strength
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
lifestyle for example i
simply remind them
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
it makes me nerve
racked and dev starts getting
upset over it
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
suddenly crashed
internet explorer god
damn i hate lj
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
plushie today i
ish happy too bad its not
the normal size
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
saw where we were she
got pissed and seemed like
she didn't want to
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
of course i knew she'd
have a headache afterwards
as it's loud as fuck
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
funny thing is that
after this all happened
i felt strangly calm
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
could have swore i saw
my dad over me at one
point or another
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
got about 9 hours
of sleep so i feel iffy
and i talk to dev
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
iffy and i talk
to dev for awhile before
i go get her off
Haiku! by Hutta.

Haiku by jasonusher5
dudley boys vs the
odd couple wheeeeeeeeee sarcasm the
match went on to long
Haiku! by Hutta.
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18 May 2004 @ 06:16 pm
I want anyone and everyone who reads this, to post in here something they would like to do with me someday.

Then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you.
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14 May 2004 @ 06:48 am
This was from Dev and I am pretty sure she'll get some of it.

[1] How long have you been watching wrestling?:

[2] How old were you when you started watching?:
3 years

[3] Why did you start watching?:
My father watched it and got all of us kids into it except my brother. He got into it around the late 80's though.

[4] Have you ever thought it was genuinely real?:
When I first watched it I was intrigued, but my dad explained it to me.

[5] Do you defend wrestling adamantly when people call it fake?:
Yes. Only some of its fake. Those moves are all real and the punching and kicking sometimes connects on accident. Wrestling nowadays is much more real than the 80's on back.

[6] What were some major angles when you started watching?:
Machoman was in a fued with Ric Flair over Miss Elizabeth. That was my fav first that I really cared about.

[7] Have you ever had a crush on a wrestler?:
A couple but why do you wanna know?

[8] If so, who?:
Um... I just explained that.

[9] How many live events have you been to?:

[10] If you've been to live events, what were they?:
I went to 2 different Monday Night Nitro's, WCW World War 3 PPV, A RAW from recently, Wrestlemania X8, and WWE Vengeance 2002. It was Undertaker hun.

[1] Who is your current favorite wrestler?:
Chris Benoit

[2] Who are your top five favorite wrestlers, of all time?:
1.) Ric Flair
2.) Hulk Hogan (sorry hun)
3.) Mick Foley
4.) Stone Cold Steve Austin
5.) Chris Benoit

[3] Who are your top five favorite wrestlers right now?:
1.) Chris Benoit
2.) Eddie Guerrero
3.) Chris Jericho
4.) Paul London
5.) John Cena

[4] What is you're favorite stable, past or present?:
Team Extreme: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Lita (before she sucked)

[5] What is your favorite belt, past or present?:
The white WWF World Championship Belt

[6] Who is your favorite Diva?:
If I gotta choose then it would be Victoria currently

[7] Who is your favorite Al Snow partner?:
Steve Blackman!!! HEAD CHEESE!

[8] Who is your favorite member of Degeneration-X?:
HBK of course.

[9] Who is your favorite member of the Ministry of Darkness?:
Undertaker of course.

[10] Who is your favorite heel?:
So far ever I hate to say it but, HHH.

[11] Who is your favorite face?:
Tie between Chris Jericho, and The Rock

[12] In your opinion, what has been the best entrance theme(s)?:
I like HHH's actually. Something intimidating about his entrance gets the crowd going. (hun don't you dare say anything about spitting some serious water!)

[13] Favorite Dudley?:
Bubba, crotch grabbing is fun and I enjoyed him on his own.

[14] Favorite Jobber?:
Funaki, he's a funny asian.

[15] Favorite Brood member?:

[16] Favorite Horseman?:
Ric Flair

[17] Favorite PPV to watch?:
Wrestlemania is good, but I like Royal Rumble if the card isn't good on WM.


[1] What has been your least favorite angle, ever?:
Katie Vick...

[2] Who is your least favorite wrestler, ever?:
Double J Jeff Jarret.

[3] Who is your least favorite wrestler right now?:
Probably HHH cause of his backstage crap.

[4] Do you hate when wrestlers change their entrance music?:
Sometimes. Gotta be a good change though.

[5] Do you hate when wrestlers change their gimmicks?:
Depends on what they are doing. I like Matt Hardy's Version One gimmick.

[1] Ministry or Corporation?:

[2] Raven or Sandman?:

[3] WWE or WCW?:
WCW in early 90's WWE after it bought WCW and ECW.

[4] Vince or Austin?:
Austin, but Vince is pretty good at what he does.

[5] Undertaker or Kane?:
Undertaker. Kane has lost its touch.

[6] Blue Meanie or Goldust?:
Goldust all the way. That big ball of Blue goo was a waste of a paycheck.

[7] Raw or Smackdown!?:

[8] Matt or Jeff?:
Jeff. Cause he always made me gape in awe at his stunts. Him and Foley.

[9] WWE or ECW?:

[10] Alliance or WWF?:
Alliance was fresh, and most hated it but I enjoyed it throughly.

[11] Jericho or Benoit?:
For wrestling Benoit, for entertainment Jericho

[12] Lord of Darkness or American Badass?:
Lord of Darkness. Druids are neat.

[13] WCW or ECW?:

[14] Beyond the Mat or Ready to Rumble?:
For REAL wrestling purpose, Beyond the Mat. For comedic relief, RTR.

[15] Shawn or Bret?:
HBK, he understood the rules, he knew what he was supposed to do. But Bret couldn't. He was compelled to keep the belt in his hometown. He wanted to spit in Vinces' face.(Matrix reference)

[16] Edge or Christian?:
Edge, as much as Christian has improved he is no Edge.

[17] Original Brood or the New Brood?:
New Brood made it cool.

[18] Mideon or Viscera?:
Viscera only because I have to choose and Mideon was one sick fuck. God Damn Naked Mideon... *throws up*

[19] Faarooq or Bradshaw?:
Bradshaw as a wreslter. I only liked Faarooq for his "Damn."

[20] Gangrel or Vampiro?:

[21] Goldberg or Stone Cold?:
Stone Cold Steve Austin for wreslting. But for intimidation and following, Goldberg.

[22] Bischoff or Stephanie?:
The Bisch. Stephanie is one annoying whore.

[23] Rock or Booker T?:
The Rock. Booker T. may wrestle better but Rock is more entertaining.

[24] Patterson or Brisco?:
Pat Patterson. Jerry Brisco was just something I didn't get.

[25] Test or Albert?:
Test. Much more cooler. Less Hair on his body too... eck

[26] Face of Foley?:
Cactus Jack. BANG! BANG!

[26] Heel or face?:
Heel. They have something about them thats cool.

[27] Stevie or Steven?:

[28] Sweet Chin Music or Steviekick?:
Um... How could you not want to strike up the band?

[29] WWF or WWE?:
Well I am gonna have to say WWF. Cause they knew how to make a star.

[1] Watch wrestling with your friends?:
I used too... *sniff*

[2] Cheer when you watch wrestling on TV?:
Hells yes.

[3] Write any type of fanfiction about wrestling?:
Read it sometimes. (damn you Dev)

[4] Do you draw wrestling fanart?:

[5] Collect wrestling merchandise?:
Some stuff.

[6] Have wrestling shirts?:

[7] If you do, how many?:
Don't remember.

[8] What are they?:
Don't remember most of them. Don't wanna think about it.

[9] Own any of the WWF CDs?:

[10] If so, which ones?:
From WWF the Music Vol.2 and up.

[11] Download wrestling music?:
Yes, but now I don't cause my site is gone.

[12] Sing to wrestling themes while watching TV?:

[13] Backyard wrestle?:
I used to, but I got over it. Now I like to go out and have fun with it and practice. But My partner gave up on me.

[14] Have your own entrance theme?:
Not yet. But hopefully "Immortal" By: Adema

[15] Ever consider having a heel turn in your own life?:
Doing it currently by living somewhere else and defying my mother in every way possible.

[16] Have wrestling posters or pictures in your room?:

[17] If so, what are they?:
A picture signed by Goldberg, Virgil/Vincent, and Sugar Shane Helms (Hurricane).

[18] Subscribe to or buy WWF or Raw magazine?:
Buy both when they come out since I got a job in January. Couldn't afford it before.

[19] Still say WWF even though it changed?:
I used to when they first did it. But now its just common knowledge.

[20] Play wrestling video games?:
Every single one of them!!!

[21] Make yourself in the video games?:

[22] Make stables of you and your favorite wrestlers in video games?:


[1] Do you cheer a lot?:
Hells yes.

[2] Do you lose your voice before the show is over?:
None except for Wrestlemania X8. Damn that Hogan VS. The Rock match.

[3] Do you say horrible and vile things to wrestlers that you don't like, even
though they can't hear you?:
Oh... They heard me.

[4] Do you confess your love to Stevie Richards when he comes out, at the top
or your lungs?:
No... But I like his hair. His Hair is pretty... omg.

[5] Do you bring signs?:
I want to, but the last time I did was Wrestlemania X8.

[6] If you've brought signs before, what did they say?:
One was a large drawing of Rock, one was of Kevin Nash, and one said I can't see my sign cause of yours. HAHAHA!

[7] Do you cover your ears for pyros?:
No but I flinch.

[8] Do you like pyros?:
Yeah they're cool. Some need to go though.

[9] Do you LOVE pyros?:
Not entirely. Some are neat.

[10] Do you jump when the pyros go off?:
Yeah I flinched to Kane as well.

[11] Do you stand up when wrestlers come out?:
You should to someone you like.

[12] Do you chant?:
It's like manditory.

[13] Have you ever started a chant?:

[14] If so, what was it?:
I started a Let's go Hogan chant at WM X8.

[15] Do you throw popcorn at little kids?:
No. I find that annoying, I saw a kid get hit with Beer before and I wanted to sock the fucker that threw it.

[16] Do you buy things from souvenir stands?:
I have before.

[17] If you have before, what have you bought?:
Too much to think about.

[18] Do you cheer for heels, even if you don't like them, just to piss off
everyone in your section?:
I have before.

[19] Do you hang out in the parking lot trying to see wrestlers leaving, like
a loser?:
No, I want to go to just go and see them a little closer. Nobody wants to go with me though. They're either cold or just don't care.

[20] If you do, have you ever seen anyone?:

[21] If you have, who?:

[22] If you bring signs, do you keep them afterward?:
I did for a little while, then they took space.

[1] Do you love Mark Yeaton?:
Not really.

[2] Do you know who Mark Yeaton is?:

[3] Do you build shrines for wrestlers?:
No but I had a little thing for my action figures for a little while. Its at Dev's house now.

[4] Do you, or would you, have a tattoo dealing with wrestling?:
I might, depending on if I get in.

[5] Do you like wrestling slash?:
Sometimes. In moderation.

[6] If you do, do you giggle while you're watching wrestling and think of how
to apply it?:
No. But Dev does.

[7] Do you consider wrestler's birthdays sacred holidays?:
Not really. If I know its they're birthday I might mention it to people.

[8] If you do, which wrestlers? What are their birthdays?:
I only know a few.

[9] Do you use catchphrases in your everyday life?:

[13] Do you have sound clips of wrestler's talking burned onto CDs?:
Some clips but not on CD's.

[14] Do you scream catchphrases at people in school or at work?:
I have before.

[17] Do you cry when you watch wrestling, either from being so in love with the industry or being so disappointed at the outcomes of matches?:
Been very upset with, but not crying. I did cry for Owen though.

[18] Do you think wrestling is real?:
The sport section is. The storylines are not.

[19] Do you WISH wrestling is real?:
Sometimes. It would help the industry.

[20] Are you a Triple H fan?:

[21] Do you use wrestling terms with your friends, such as creating a name for
your circle because it's a stable??:
My brother and me did with him and his friends awhile back. None of them care anymore.

[22] Do you think you can mess with Brock Lesnar?:
I don't know. Maybe. Wheres my tire iron.

[23] Do you have a wrestling belt?:
Technically yes. I have a ECW belt but Dev currently is the champion, and I don't think I will have the chance to get it back. I also have some kid replicas for collecting purposes.

[24] Did you have fun answering questions about wrestling?:
It was fun. But some q's got too into it.

Whee... I gotta keep preoccupied for the next few hours cause I gots shit to do today.
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13 May 2004 @ 07:24 am
You are HP-UX. You&quot;re still strong despite the passage of time.  Though few understand you, those who do love you deeply and appreciate you.
Which OS are You?

You&quot;re a Vulcan!
You're a Vulcan! Cool and collected, you represent
the epitome of self control.

What Star Trek Race Are You?
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Pretty damn close on those two.

I don't feel right after watching that video of the guy getting beheaded on camera. It was so violent and just... Different than most death things I've seen. Too realistic I guess. Well it was real.

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09 May 2004 @ 12:10 am
Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?You will hang yourself
How many tries will it take?35
When will you commit suicide?February 22, 2027
What will your suicide note say?I wish there was another way ..
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Holy shit that's fucking creepy!

The World Is MINE! by Demonac
You will conquer:every Springfield in the USA (now where's Evergreen terrace? One of these has to be the right one...).
Your title will be:Sultan
You will succeed by:Boring them to death.
Your Enforcers will be:Street Judges (from Judge Dread).
Your first act as ruler:Bathe in your victims' blood.
(What happened after) Try "The World Was Yours! What Happened?" MEME to find out!
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The World Was Yours! What Happened??? by Demonac
Abused your power byMaking your subjects watch a 27-part mini-series about your life
Untilyour own army
...Drank you under the table.
And adding insult to injuryThey named a new Teletubby after you.
But now, after all that, you arealready back in charge, thanks to a very successful popular SuperBowl ad.
(How did you conquer?) Try "The World Is MINE!" MEME to find out!
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What does Matt Hardy think of you? by wwe_archangel
Do you like Matt?
Matt...admires your talents and skills.
He thinks...you should train and study at the SUMMIT.
Will you be an MFer?Yeah sure. Why not?
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Your Suicide Note by prisoner655321
Your Name
Your Age
Title of the noteFUCK ALL OF YOU
Most memorable lineI'LL BE BACK!
How many people will read it24
When you will be forgottenNovember 28, 2005
How will you do the deed?slitting your wrists...the wrong way. so you actually get hit by a car on the way to the hospital, idiot...
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08 May 2004 @ 01:25 am
Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Naturally multi-coloured.
Clothes:School boy/girl uniform.
Powers:Water magic
Special Features:Wolf ears and tail
Sidekick:Large dragon.
Attitude:Cool, calm, and collected. You rarely lose your composure, so when you do, it's pretty amusing.
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